Implementing a routine is the best way to make your child's live as easy as possible during this challenging time. This also means during the week they "go" to school. Together with your child you can fill in a day planner, below we have a couple of options you can download, or if you don't have a printer you can write it down on a paper. With some colorful pencils you can make it look cool!


There is a lot of free information and material online for homeschooling. Hunga Teca will update this page frequently with more links and documentation.  


School material 



Hunga Teca works with . To get an account please e-mail us at We need the child name, age, school, class and teachers name. 

Squla has also a site with games. One of which is Bingo to make reading more fun



Malmberg, a large company that develops school material for your children has opened a special site for parents Corona en afstandsonderwijs (basisonderwijs) De scholen zijn gesloten, wat nu? Het coronavirus heeft op de scholen in Nederland een flinke impact. Malmberg ondersteunt scholen zo goed mogelijk in deze situatie. Lees meer                  

You can download documents & tasks for your children. Also you can find tips how to homeschool your children en keep it exciting.


Arjanne from Malmberg is giving tips on this segment, tighter with two parents, about homeschooling. Psychologist George Hu works in Wuhan and has also learnt a lot the past few months about how to cope at home in lockdown:



Yes, after this ordeal we will appreciate our teachers even more!!


Now also free because of the corona-virus situation: These materials are also used at your childrens school. You can print the forms or the children can make the schooltasks from the screen. Every week you find new tasks which the children normally make during a schoolweek. To make sure you choose the correct klas for your children, we explained the Dutch system  in the text below. 



Groep 1  = Kleuter

Groep 2 = Kleuter

Groep 3 = Klas 1

Groep 4 = Klas 2

Groep 5 = Klas 3

Groep 6 = Klas 4

Groep 7 = Klas 5

Groep 8 = Klas 6



- The on-line library in the Netherlands has opened free content, books children can listen:

- Children need to read in their own avi level.  Stichting lezen is gezond offers this online:  

- For children from 8 till 12 years old, klas 3 to klas 6,  there is Jeugdbieb: 

Jeugdbieb has links to websites, movies and apps for children. Interesting and filled with facts or just for fun! Also a good site if your child has to do a presentation or book report. Everything on this site has been checked by librarians.


*tip, give your child, klas 2 and up, a subject. Let them look information up, write a report or do a presentation about the subject. It can be anything, from science to history. Children can work together with friends by using Skype, FaceTime or whatsapp. This makes learning more fun and interactive.

For children klas 6 and up, check 21st century skills on Squla for more info!


Go to a museum

Yes you can....make homeschooling fun by going on a virtual tour!


- On Google arts & Culture you can find many exhibitions from museums around the globe


- The Smithsonian, National Museum of Natural History in New York


- The Metropolitan Museum of Art


- Bostons children museum


- NASA has an app you can download, The Space Center Houston app. how cool to learn more about science and rocket ships! 


Nature & Science

Dutch biologist Freek Vonk becomes meester Freek! He is going to teach children, during the quarantine, more about animals on his YouTube channel:


More fun links to science stuff you  and your children can learn from!


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