Do your kids need to talk? Yama 131

During this challenging time it is good for children that they have another person to talk to besides yourself. Not going to school, have a playdate and staying at home 24/7 with your family,  is a big difference from the live just a week ago. 

The emotions they have themselves and seeing their mom, dad and grandparents being worried needs to be talked about. Some children do not want to worry their parents and keep things to themselves. This can lead to emotional  outbursts. To prevent extra tension at home please allow your children to call and talk to the qualified people from Telefon pa Hubentud, YAMA 131! 

Fundacion Telefon pa Hubentud Aruba


The Aruban Youth Telephone Line, Telefon Pa Hubentud, was launched on November 20, 1999, as an independent charity, with its distinctive telephone number’131′ and logo, aimed at children and youngsters from 8-24 years old and provides its service from 14.00 hours to 18.00 hours, 365 days a year.


The plans for a telephone line in Aruba had been around for some time, by private organisations as well as within the Policy of the Minister of Social Affairs. In 1999 a small group came together and decided to carry out the project of setting up Telefon Pa Hubentud based on information gathered especially from the youth Helplines of Holland who are in existence for over 20 years and the Curacao Telephone Helpline that was in existence at that time.


The main difference between these helplines within the Kingdom of the Netherlands is that Telefon Pa Hubentud commenced with the experiment of including teenagers within its volunteer counselors’ group, an experiment that is resulting in success.


Telefon pa Hubentud is also member of the Child Helpline International since 2014. Telefon Pa Hubentud has a cooperation protocol signed with the Aruban Ministries of Telecommunication, Education and social Affairs. Since November 2002, children can call “131” free. Besides using the telephone service to contact Telefon pa Hubentud the children and youngsters can also email us or chat with us through our 131 mobile app.


Telefon Pa Hubentud is a low threshold form of providing assistance to youngsters who at a particular moment are experiencing a problem. Depending of the contents of a conversation, the service of Telefon Pa Hubentud can have the following functions:

–           Primary prevention: preventing problems by supporting callers in handling    their situation.

–           Secondary prevention: Recognizing a threatening problem and supporting the caller in helping find a solution.

–           Tertiary prevention: Preventing that a caller should further experience negative results of a problem. Often this may result in referring to specialized treatment.


It is clear that the telephone, email and chats the way is that children could directly ask for help, when no other child protection agency seems approachable to them.


Besides telephone, email and chat counseling, Telefon Pa Hubentud also has an ” indicator’s function” with regard to the problem causing  factors that lie behind social problems of children and youngsters and to develop and stimulate projects and programs that are aimed at preventing and handling these problems. For this indicator and policy function Telefon Pa Hubentud maintains as target group: Society in its entirety.